Lic Jeeven Lakshya Table (plan) no. –  933, best Lic plan 2020, lanji balaghat insurance adviser

Lic Jeeven Lakshya Table (plan) no. – 933, best Lic plan 2020, lanji balaghat insurance adviser

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Lic Jeeven Lakshya Table (plan) no. –  933 Product Summary :
This is a limited premium paying term conventional With-Profits Endowment Assurance plan where premium paying term is less than policy term by three years. यह एक सीमित प्रीमियम भुगतान अवधि है, जो कि पारंपरिक बंदोबस्ती आश्वासन योजना के साथ है, जहां प्रीमियम भुगतान की अवधि तीन साल की पॉलिसी अवधि से कम है
Premium Payment Mode
Yearly, Half year, Quarterly, Monthly(ECS)

Term अवधि :
13 to 25 Years

(Policy Term – 3) Years like term 13 –PPT (13-3=10)

Minimum Entry Age :
18Years Completed

Maximum Entry Age :
50Years (Nearest Birthday)

Maximum Maturity Age :
65 Year (Nearest Birthday)

Minimum Sum Assured :

Maximum Sum Assured :
NO LIMIT (Depending upon Income)

Maximum Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider up to age 65.
Policy Benefits :
On Death :
Benefits payable on death:
Sum Assured on Death + Bonuses and Final Additional Bonus, if any, shall be payable in following manner.
Annual Income Benefit equal to 10% of the Basic Sum Assured (till policy anniversary prior to date of maturity).
Assured Absolute Amount of 110% of Basic Sum Assured, payable (on due date of maturity).
Along with Bonuses and Final Additional Bonus, if any, on maturity. (on due date of maturity).
मृत्यु पर देय लाभ:

मृत्यु + बोनस और अंतिम अतिरिक्त बोनस पर बीमित राशि, यदि कोई हो, निम्नलिखित तरीके से देय होगी।

बेसिक सम एश्योर्ड के 10% के बराबर वार्षिक आय लाभ (परिपक्वता की तारीख से पहले पॉलिसी वर्षगांठ तक)।

बेसिक सम एश्योर्ड की 110% की पूर्ण राशि का भुगतान किया, देय (परिपक्वता तिथि पर)।

बोनस और अंतिम अतिरिक्त बोनस के साथ, यदि कोई हो, तो परिपक्वता पर। (परिपक्व होने की नियत तिथि पर)।
On Survival :
On survival Basic Sum Assured + Vested Bonus + FAB if any.

Surrendered Value :
The Policy can be surrendered at any time during the policy term provided atleast 2 full years premiums have been paid.

Loan :
Available after payment of premium of 2 full years.

Income Tax Benefit :
• Premium paid under this plan is eligible for TAX rebate under section 80c.
• Maturity under this plan is free under sec 10(10D).


Mr. Ram
Plan: Jeevan Lakshya – 933

Age : 20
Plan-Term-PPT :933-13-10
Sum Assured :100000

First Year Premium :
Yearly :10449
Half Yearly :5277
Quarterly :2665
Monthly :888
YLY Mode Average Premium/Day :29

Subsequent Years
Yearly :10224
Half Yearly :5164
Quarterly :2607
Monthly :869
YLY Mode Average Premium/Day :28

Benefits available from the plan :

Sum Assured : 100000
Bonus* (3700 X 13) : 48100
Final Addition Bonus* (0 per 1000 SA) : 0
Expected Maturity Amount
(After 13 years) : 148100

Total Premium Paid : 102465

The sample illustrative annual premiums (in `) for Basic Sum Assured of ` 1 lakh for Standard lives are as under:

Age Policy term      
  13 ppt 10 15 ppt 12 20 ppt 17 25 ppt 22
20 9873 8114 5645 4253
30 9918 8163 5718 4366
40 10118 8399 6047 4787
50 10775 9109    

Plan presented by :
Name: shailendra basena
Designation: Lic agent
Mobile: 9407859091

अपना प्रीमियम और return हमें whatsapp, Email, call, से पूछे अथवा हमें भेज दे अपना उम्र, नाम, नम्बर/ निचे दिए गए फॉर्म भी भर सकते है

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Special  feature in this plan (इस योजना में विशेष सुविधा) – LIC’s Jeevan Lakshaya is a Non-linked, Participating, Individual, Life Assurance plan which offers a combination of protection and savings. This plan provides for Annual Income benefit that may help to fulfill the needs of the family, primarily for the benefit of children, in case of unfortunate death of Policyholder any time before maturity and a lump sum amount at the time of maturity irrespective of survival of the Policyholder. This plan also takes care of liquidity needs through its loan facility

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